June 13th is the date set for the Democratic Primary election.  I have two opponents, both of whom are good people and good Democrats. 

As Democrats, we share basic core values.  We stand up for individuals in the face of unfair corporate practices, billionaire manipulators, and big government that too often seems to favor capital over people.  We stand for the right to a living wage for workers, a right for people to realize their potential via affordable education and job training, and the need for a safety net for individuals who for various reasons cannot make it on their own.
But Democrats in Virginia have been steadily losing ground.  We usually win the statewide elections, proving that the majority of Virginians agree on our values, but because Republicans have succeeded in their partisan redistricting efforts, Republicans now hold both houses in the legislature.  Statewide races are close; many voters are so fed up with both parties that they decline to vote for anyone.  Moving forward from here is a difficult challenge.

My opponents and I have the same goals, although we may suggest different ways to achieve them.   If you agree with these goals, you should vote in the Democratic primary and pick one of us.  If you agree that this is a tough challenge, you should pick me, as I am the only candidate who will work full time on meeting it.  One of my opponents has an active law practice, the other is a college professor.  Both demanding jobs with schedules that are dictated by others.  On the other hand, I set my own schedule for working as a consultant or as a boat captain.  I have freed my schedule to work full time on this campaign and will work full time as your representative.  Vote for me June 13th.